Friday, March 2, 2012

Eat Dessert First

Sometimes you just gotta celebrate- and for no good reason.

     "Life is dessert first."- Unknown

Have you ever heard that phrase? Well, today I took it's advice.  In the midst of tornadic weather here in North Alabama, I had to get out in the blustery wind and threatening skies to runs errands.  Normally I would have just stayed in, but I had to make a bank transaction inside the bank-not the ATM, and my cubbard was literally bare.

On my last stop while in the grocery store, I came across the Deli section with it's usual display of delicacies. I almost always stop there, the cookies and breads alone smell wonderful. Sometimes I buy something, most times I don't.  Today however, I became enamoured with one particular birthday cake.  It had the most beautiful colored icing decorating the rim.  You know, the "rim" where they pile on the icing (which is not usually good for anyone in a health sense), but it was speaking to me.

The color was my favorite- similar to that of a Morning Glory blue. It was white with yellow cake inside and three lovely rosettes on the top (surrounded by more rim icing).  I wondered if it was the lighting that made it that color, so I moved it out and picked the entire plastic container up to see.  I was right! It was my favorite color after all. It was mesmerizing as the color changed to a deep magenta, then to just plain light blue, as if the color was a mistake which made it even more appealing. Going against all common health sensibility (and price) I placed my prize in the cart just like I had won the lottery, and made a pit-stop at the ice cream section on my way to check out.

On the way home I kept a keen eye on the low, moving clouds.  I had heard weather reports at every stop- schools closing early (which is only in emergency situations), runs on items at the grocery store and pharmacy.  But somehow, I wasn't frightened. I had said a prayer before I left home, and knew I could not let fear get in the way of my life.  As I pulled into the driveway and got out of the car, the atmosphere had changed.  The air was cooler and there was very little wind. In these situations, cooler air is good news.  I got everything quickly unpacked so I could get settled and dig in!

This is not unsual for me-going out in inclement weather or buying the bad-for-you purchase at an inconvenient time.  Many times in my life I've done this, and actually it's alot of fun.  I don't leave caution at home, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do-or, maybe- want to do, for a change. You know, go against the grain- do things that aren't on "the list". 

As irony would have it, in exactly seven days I will celebrate my birthday (Phil's too), and I don't know why, but I felt like that cake was my special gift.  As I pondered my life I thanked the Lord for it, and decided to take communion remembering Him giving his life for me, which made the evening even more special.  My week was rough and I had developed a bad attitude.  This was my opportunity to make a change of heart.  These are the times that I make sure I stay grateful, not taking anything for granted, because even though life is a gift, no day is certain.

The alerts are still out, the rain and clouds have passed for now, but just in case...I ate dessert first!