Monday, February 20, 2012

"Jasmine My Joy"

February 20, 2012
Suzanne Shugar who co-writes with Dolly the Boston Buddha, her dawgeous Pooch-Editor in Chief,  asked me to write a tribute about my precious dog Jasmine.  It was published on Valentine's Day on her site, and it turned out so beautiful! 

Suzanne and Dolly have a wonderful pet site, devoted to all kinds of animals, not just dogs.  It is now published in English, Spanish and French, so that more people of the world can enjoy the site in their own language, which is a lovely thing.

We found out yesterday (Sunday), that we all made "front page" news on The Delightfully Daily! I'm so proud of us - we're famous (just kidding)! I was so proud to see my Jazzie in the spotlight-again! Now she is making the whole world happy, just like she did me. 

I am so proud of this, I just had to share it!

You can read the tribute in full, in whichever language works for you, at Planete You can click her site at the bottom of this page.  I love my furrever loving furriends, Suzanne and Dolly!


                                                              My Beautiful Girl at 5 yrs
                                                                      ~always happy~

I'm proud to introduce Rachel Pappas to you - a cancer survivor.  Her site
has a humorous page called "Neither Here nor There" where I found this cute video. It's uncommon sweet.

"An Unlikely Love Affair"

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