Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"It's Gonna Be Alright"

Some days just wring you out like a sponge. 

Yesterday was one of those days.  My aunt Ann (81) was having a heart cath. Hospital tests like that are nothing new for her, but because of her age and health problems, I was beside myself. 

From the moment my brother and I were born, she and my grandmother took us everywhere.  She was an excellent seamstress, and made all of our clothes.  They loved to take us out to restaurants, and people would give Phil and I quarters to put into the jukebox because we would dance to the music and it entertained everybody.  We loved it - and after the first quarter, donations were the norm!  It was so much fun, and through the years I've loved hearing her tales of how much fun they had with us!

During the afternoon, while waiting to hear any news, I found myself wondering what I would do if I lost her.  She had loved me as a little girl, and helped me in recent years cope with middle age.  I've talked with her about any topic, and the times anyone else would have given up, she's patiently listened to my complaints.  To add to the obvious, the date was the 20th anniversary of my own mother's death.  I found myself having a hard time coping with the coincidence. 

Later that evening a call came in from the hospital.  It was her! I've never been so happy to hear her voice in my whole life!  No knew problems, no stent- she was just fine.

Some years back, during another hard spell of waves of adversity, I wondered if could I hang on for another minute.  As I pondered life and it's hardships, I realized that the roof was still on the house, and that the sun had never let me down once.  It had risen every single day of my life.  Those two certainties have become my mantra when times get bad.  I just have to keep telling myself that "it's gonna be alright."  

Spring is here, with it's beauty.  The azaleas have bloomed on-que, just like they did last year.  The robins have been busy building their nests, and the purple wisteria vine is "showing out" in it's splendor.  Worry is unncessary.  Someone is holding everything together.
                                                                  Springtime in Alabama
                                                          pink azalea
                                                    butterfly in hollyhock
                                                 my grandmother's white iris
                                                          white jonquil
                               purple clematis (above) wisteria & bumblebee (below)
The next time you have a bad day, I'll bet there is at least one person - like my aunt Ann - who has been a rock-solid blessing in your life.  Pull out the "wild card" of hope, and just know that everything's gonna be alright.

Listen as Dennis Jernigan sings "It's Gonna Be Alright":

"Consider the lilies...if God so clothe much more will he take care of you?" -

                                                                                                  Matthew 6:28-30


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