Thursday, February 16, 2012


In trying  to decide what to write for my very first ever blog post, I decided I would just start where I am - a writer. 

When I thought about writing a blog, I thought myself somewhat insane because I am already editor of a cancer site - The Voice of Women , and I stay on Twitter way too much (but I love Twitter).  Usually my articles have a max of 1,000 words (they are generally that or more), and on the far end of that spectrum we have Twitter, where 140 characters - not words - are the max.

I found this quite amusing, because it reminded me of my personality.  I can be very quiet most of the time,  although my mind is always contemplating the next breaking news, or what my Doggie Twitter friends are up to.  On the other hand, if I find a topic interesting, I can express myself with quick and deep emotion, which shocks most people.

Back to the blog...I decided that 140 to 1,000 was just too much of a stretch, and, in a word - it is just unbalanced.  Research is easy because I love it.  Pushing out 140 on Twitter is easy, and sometimes, it's very frustrating - especially when what you read brings out passion or well - anger.  But that's what I love about Twitter. There is no room for meaningless banter.

I think I'm making progress.