Friday, March 22, 2013

Layers of Inspiration!

What Inspires Me
Give me a writing tablet, favorite pen, good music (with earbuds) surround me with a couple favorite paintings and soft pillows covered in soft, colorful fabric, and I'm ready to write! I love textured fabric so I decided to look up the word "texture" in the dictionary.

The list included fabric, substance, character, union, poetry, prose, musical sound, schemes and structure.

In other words, these things sort of collaborate, in a way, to help me be my best creative self. I believe this is what happens when people get together and pool their different ideas together. It's like a beautiful human symphony. When all of our thoughts and uniqueness collide, the possibilities of outcomes are endless!

Our Five Senses
I discovered, not surprisingly, that each of the things that I listed as an inspiration of mine was there - the textures of our five senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste!

Look at these fields of tulips! I'll have to admit I was wowed by these photos. I know many of us are delighted to just be able to enjoy flowers in a vase, but I think I would really enjoy going to work every day if I could be surrounded by this rainbow of color. This aerial photo shows an unbelievable work of art. I was in awe of how the farmers (artists!) actually pulled this off. It's abstract but truly beautiful. There must have been alot of planning and coordination beforehand, and the farmers obviously have a great deal of pride in their work! They know flowers make people feel happy, and they plan to that end. This is one field trip I would love to go on!

A dream of mine is to visit Ireland one day. There are three things that I would love to do. I would like to visit an Irish pub, taste the cuisine; listen to the music, and I would love to have a sweater custom-knit in my favorite color and weave, from local wool. Would this take inspiration, artistic ability and teamwork? You bet! Just think of shearing the sheep part, which is an art in and of much we take for granted in life, ha!

As you may know already, I enjoy cooking and I'm still learning about spices. Look at these spices - they can be used whole, or ground from course to fine, depending on what taste you're looking for. And look at the colors! Chefs often use layers of herbs and spices as "rubs" for meats and they leave it on for a few hours or overnight to allow the flavors to "marry".
And don't forget dessert!

People as Texture!
As I thought more about the word "texture", I couldn't help but think of collaboration between different kinds of people, and the great results that can come from the different personalities, and the variety of their talents and gifts. A great example are vocal or orchestra Flash Mobs, some of them on YouTube are just terrific! How they pull those together is nothing short of amazing. Look at this one at the Copenhagen Station:

If you need some lifting up, write down what makes you feel good and surround yourself with it. I believe you'll be feel better!

                                Here's to inspiration - It's EVERYWHERE!

(Note: The Copenhagen flash mob video shows uploaded on my template, but not on my mobile device. Hopefully, it shows up on full website. My apologies for tech difficulties. View on YouTube, if you want. It's great. ~ Rann)


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