Thursday, September 26, 2013

Danea & Phillip Horn Kidney Transplants set for Oct. 1

If you saw my last post about the Chronic Resilience giveaway contest, you should recognize this beautiful young woman. It's Danea! She has been living with reduced kidney function for a long time, which is where her inspiration for her book came from. 

Her blog Chronic Resilience - life + illness  is rich with inspiration and refreshingly candid openness about being an engaged patient.  Danea speaks boldly what "hoops" some of us chronic patients must jump through in healthcare, and what we deal with oftentimes in the healthcare setting. Oftentimes (usually in an emergency situation) there is no access to our medical records or the one "on-call" is not our doctor and doesn't know us or have knowledge of our "unique" conditions. Danea gracefully addresses these issues with tact and finesse. 

The very day her book launched publicly (and in the middle of her book tour!) she found out she was in full-blown kidney failure. I'm certain she wondered if her resilience would stay in tact, in fact she wrote about it on her blog. She openly knew she was facing "practicing what she preached!" to quote her.
            Phillip and Danea

The beautiful thing that has happened is that her husband Phillip has become her donor match! Is that not awesome? Her most recent blogpost is a very neat thing I think every patient should do (if able, of course) before a major surgery. 

They have made a list of things to do to reduce stress for their homecoming from the hospital, since both of them will be recovering. It's so good it reminds me of a "Tornado Preparedness" list I was taught in junior high school (very important here in Alabama!). 

As an added blessing (which many patients don't have), is that their  mothers will be there to help in their recovery at home. They list cleaning out the refrigerator to getting their dogs groomed, to their own haircuts! The list is so true-to-life. I've always loved 'practical', in fact, preparation is hard, but well worth it. 

This couple has it going on! Please keep them in your prayers as they quickly approach a day that is full of hope, love, change and challenge-- and more love.

On Danea's blog you can also download 101 Inspirational Thoughts while you're there. 

"You will show me the path of life; in your presence is fullness of joy; at your right hand there are pleasures forevermore." Psalm 16:11

Please remember them October 1st. Thank you.~ Rann