Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Color Me Well Blog supports #FedUpChallenge

Starting May 12, FedUpChallenge began, and Day 1 is done!  The challenge is to go 10 days without any form of added sugar.

I was watching the Katie Show late last week, and became interested in what she was talking about.  America's obesity crisis is troubling, especially among the young. Kids and teenagers have always been the most energetic of all ages, by far.

Our culture shift to computers causing a sedentary lifestyle has changed the way we do things.  But enough is enough.  As a patient for many years, I can personally tell you that if you don't have good health, you are not really living a good quality of life.  

Fresh food was usually cooked at our house by both my parents. Having lived through cancer two times, I believe that eating that way built my body up enough to endure the surgeries, the treatments, and the many side-effects that I've had for the past 31 years.

Katie and Coop - Day 1
The challenge comes from a film, a type of documentary on the subject, which I admit I have not seen yet.  The URL for the trailer is FedUpTheMovie.com.

Although I'm not sure that this challenge will start a health revolution, I do believe in it's ability to start pushing the dominoes in the right direction.  If nothing else, it will make people think about what they are eating, and how it affects them.  

I have been so encouraged by the tweets I've seen on Twitter under the hashtag #FedUpChallenge on Day 1.  People are asking questions about certain foods, fruits and vegetables, and even questions concerning sugar in wine and other alcoholic beverages.  I've even had a few questions myself! I'm learning, too.

I've noticed that some are perplexed at what few choices they have at home of foods that do NOT contain sugar.  I went through my fridge today and read that processed wheat loaf bread was 2 grams of sugar, and cinnamon-raisin bagels was a whopping 13 grams. 

The point is to help us realize how much sugar we are consuming. 

For my first day I skipped the usual oatmeal (with brown sugar) and bagel that I usually have for breakfast, and instead substituted it at brunch-time with delicious Thai Jasmine rice and scrambled eggs, half a banana, coffee, and water.  I cut bread, butter, and sweetener.
Overall, I feel good - so far.

Sometimes when you change your eating patterns like this, cutting out anything the body has been highly dependent on (sugar, caffeine, etc.) might cause you to experience shakiness or weakness --at least in the beginning. This happens to me, so I am saying it in case there are other survivors, and complex patients out there who are taking part in the challenge. The arc of a lifestyle change always includes a little pain and suffering.

Also, realize that if you know that you normally consume a large amount of sugar (no guilt allowed!), you should probably cut back more moderately. Like with medicines, not all people will be able to do this at once. Cold-turkey is pretty much for the overall healthy, in my humble opinion. If you are cutting back at all, give yourself a lot of credit!

If your blood sugar gets low, eating protein will even you out. Eat smaller portions more often. And you shouldn't eat dense meat late at night. It takes too much for your liver to break it down.  I have a Homemade Chicken Soup recipe from scratch here on my site: http://color-me-well.blogspot.com/2012/10/homemade-chicken-soup-and-dumplings.html?m=1. It tastes great, it is light, and will give you the protein that you need. The soup can be ready in less than an hour. 

I realize that the temp is warm outside now, but it is a great dish and excellent stand-by just in case.  When I diet using it, it completely satisfies me, and I have no taste for sweets at all.  The broth is not store bought, everything in it is natural, and I use Sea Salt in it sparingly. So give it a try. (except don't try the dumplings until after the challenge is over!) 

Remember to eat food groups (meats, fruits, vegs, carbohydrates, etc.) together.  Eating one thing will not fortify you much.  Foods eaten together cause a synergy (combined action) that makes all kinds of positive things happen within your body.  Eating this way makes your hair, skin, teeth, and bones healthier.

Katie Couric is taking a very bold stand, and I appreciate her for using her influence and platform for the cause.

Note: I'm not a registered dietician or healthcare professional. I've written this from my own experience. 

If you are currently taking treatments for cancer, or are on new medications, check with your doctor first. You can always do the challenge later with a buddy! 

Good Luck! 

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